Pete`s Biography

Pete Korving, born on januari 31st 1961. 

When he was very young he often listened to his father and uncle playing Shadows music. It was on his 12th birthday that he got his first electric guitar, a Jedson Telecaster with just one pickup, together with a users manual how to use the guitar: an LP with the biggest hits of the Shadows.

He soon became a Shadows addict himself, and that typical Meazzi echo shimmer was etched into his memory. When he grew older he began to analyze the music and he was curious how he could get that same old real Shadow sound.

In 1976-1977 Pete together with his younger brother Arie (a huge Beatles fan) started their first guitar group called "The Shatles" (a combination of Shadows and Beatles). Even then, the real guitar was still unaffordable so he played on an imitation stratocaster together with an 8-track echo machine. Using the standard cassette decks of those days, they started recording various songs at home.

In 1985 Pete bought his first VOX AC30 amplifier together with the Vox Long Tom Echo which he saw using a Swedish band 1961 during their joint tour in the Netherlands.

Despite trying several real Fender Strats, he was still disappointed with his sound. The old and new friend Robert Stechwey (who sadly died much too soon) visited several vintage guitar shops in London, where he hoped to find the real thing - a Fender Stratocaster from 1957. Soon it became clear that this was beyond his reach, so he had to try something else. Sound from the Shadows did not come out in any way, at least not according to his wishes.

At that time, a good friend of them, who did the maintenance of the Shadows' guitars, set up a replica Salmon Pink Fender Strat for Pete, with the guitar of Bruce Welch as reference   That is the guitar he is still playing on and this one has a body made from a piece of mahogany with a fantastic Birds-Eye maple neck which is not often seen nowadays and gives a guitar a beautiful sound. This guitar is still the only Strat that he uses for all his recordings today.

The Vox amplifiers were too heavy, since Pete had two of them, connected in parallel, as he was using  in those days. So he bought a Mesa Boogie amplifier, which he saw the Shadows using at their performance in the Palladium of London late 80s. After a while, VOX Lange Tom also started to become fragile so he started to use various modern digital ultrasound devices which eventually ended up in the Yamaha Magicstomp which was edited with Echo patterns by a friend of him who also provided these to the Shadows.

When they recorded (they called themselves The Silver Strings) in several professional studios, being a non-professional band it became rather expensive. Nowadays he achieves the same or even better in his home studio.

Due to the fact that with this method of recording beautiful results are achieved, such as adding orchestras and other wonderful effects, it becomes difficult to find the musicians who can play this kind of music.

In 1996, a friend came up with the idea to name the music "The Seaside Shadows" after which the first CD was released in 1997 and 1998 the second. When the question came whether it could also be played live, the band "The Seaside Shadows" was born. In 2005 and 2007 a spectacular performance was done with Ï put a spell on you "which was a resounding success. From 2006 to 2008, Pete played at "The Red Stats" but because of his other musical preferences he stopped. Pete started a small sound producing course at (producer) Bart van der Post and intensively started working in his own studio in his own house.

After a serious motorcycle accident in December 2008 from which he broke his right wrist (which was very complex) and his left leg, it was questionable whether he could play again. He was determined to do everything he could to improve his technique and play through intensive therapies and a lot of perseverance.


2018: In addition to his band The Seaside Shadows (with some other musicians) and his job, he likes to make music at home in his own studio. Not only covers, but also his own written work. The backing tracks of his music are very popular among guitarists. The Backing tracks are of very high quality and can be purchased through our website

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The Seaside Shadows

Silverstrings 1980?

Arie Korving, Peter Korving, Jeffry en John Hol.

Silverstrings 1986

Arie Korving, Peter Korving, Marcel Sanders en Wil Commer.

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