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Live performance and pictures from The Seaside Shadows 

We have had a great weekend in Verden (Germany) and an AWESOME performance!!!

Here are some pictures.

The Seaside Shadows

General rehearsal in the run-up to the performance in Verden (Germany)

September 29th 2019

Apologies for the poorer recording quality.

A few pictures from before and after the start.

The Seaside Shadows in Zoetermeer (NL) may 25th 2019

During the 66th Cliff and The Shadows meeting Tilburg (NL) 2019

There are more video`s on YouTube.

It was a wonderful evening in "Herberg Vlietzigt" with a very nice crowd. Thanks to the staff members of "Herberg Vlietzigt" for the great care and of course the other band "Sound Sixtees" who also played great. Dick Zuijdwijk thanks for the great presentation and organization.

Video`s from our performance at Herberg Vlietzigt in Rijswijk. 

The images are not of great quality but it is to give you an impression of the performance.


Thanks to Joop regoord for the video


Thanks to Tineke Stant-Demmenie for the Video


(Thank you very much for the photos Hans Stand en Rob Koorn)

Ladies at the counter

V.l.t.r. Duifje Doove, Riny Korving, Hannah Korving

Pete and his oldest daughter Hannah

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