Pete Korving musician, producer, arranger. High Quality backing tracks for guitarists. Many songs to listen to.

Welcome to Pete`s music website.

On this website you can listen to all Pete`s tracks and demo tracks of all backings.

To order backing tracks or Cd`s please email to 

Backing tracks will always be sent in mp3 format through WeTransfer.

We accept payments through PayPal and IBAN only.

**** When you do not have a PayPal account, no problem, we can send you a payment request.

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Just ask, for us it's no problem at all.

  • Have you searched for a certain backing track for some time and you can`t find it. Pete can make it for you. For the possibilities and costs just send your question via

All Backing Tracks are available in the kbps as mentioned with each title.

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Openings hours.

We are open from Monday till Friday from 10 am to 5 pm (Amsterdam NL). Feel free to send your email and questions outside these times. We will reply the next working day.

We are closed on Dutch Holidays.

..........Unfortunately we do not have tabs and / or sheet music.........

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Welcome to our world. We are very grateful for the interest you have in Pete`s music, On this page we will upload lots of music and music production...

We hope you`ll enjoy the music.

For any questions and requests, please email to

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