We have a huge problem with the website.

Lot`s of tracks are lost.

Unfortunately, the problem with the missing tracks cannot be solved by the web provider. We have therefore decided to create a new website via a different provider.
That's going to take a while. We ask for your patience.

Would you like to hear a track in the meantime, but the audio is not there? Send me an email and I will send the tracks to you via email or WeTransfer.


We are so sorry for the inconvenience but hope the problem will be resolved quickly.

With kind regards,

Riny and Pete

Welcome to Pete`s music website.

On this website you can listen to all Pete`s tracks and demo tracks of all backings.

To order backing tracks or Cd`s please email to Peekay.music@hotmail.com 

Backing tracks will always be sent in mp3 format through WeTransfer.

We accept payments through PayPal and IBAN only.


  • Have you searched for a certain backing track for some time and you can`t find it. Pete can make it for you. For the possibilities and costs just send your question via peekay.music@hotmail.com

..........Unfortunately we do not have tabs and / or sheet music.........