Guitar tracks and backing tracks

To our music website.

On our website you will find lots of guitar tracks.

All backing tracks on this website are entirely created by Pete from A-Z.

You are welcome to download the tracks (with lead) free of charge to listen to them whenever you want.

The high quality backing tracks (without lead) of all songs are available.

To order and requesting price, please fill in the form below or elsewhere on this website.


***As you wish***

For anyone searching for backing tapes without bass, keys, rhythm guitar, etc. Please ask for the possibilities.

With a small additional fee, all existing backing tracks (on this website) can be made as you wish.

Pete can arrange and produce your own written songs and make backing tapes for any song you wish. 

Please ask for the possibilities.


* There are NO tabs or sheet available for our backing tracks. 

  * The backing tracks will be sent to you in mp3 format through download link (WeTransfer).

                   * There is no payment option on this website.

                   * You will receive the Payment options through email with the price for your orders.

              * You are able to download the tracks (with lead) for free. There is no listen option on this website.

When you have problems with downloading please ask us to send the files to you through email.  


Please ask us about the possibilities to let create your own exclusive backing track.

This backing track will be made exclusively for you and will not be sold to others. You can do whatever you want with it.

Its price being calculated per hour. 

So if you can not find the backing track you would like, there is always the possibility to make it exclusive. As always of high quality.


 ****Terms of sale****

For all backing tracks in the list

*Reselling or copying is prohibited !!
*Name and origin are required to be mentioned.



When backing tracks made by Pete are seen without indication of his name on the w.w.w., action will be taken.


We hope you`ll enjoy our website !!

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