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Tracks with lead

Demo`s without lead

California blue (256 kbps)

Calm after the storm (320 kbps)

Catamaran (320 kbps) Self penned

Chanson d'amour (320 kbps)

Chi Mai (320 kbps)

Child aid (320 kbps) Self Penned

City above the clouds (320 kbps)

Closest thing to crazy (128 kbps)

Come prima (320 kbps)

Comfortably numb (320 kbps)

Companeros (256 kbps)

Concerto d'aranguez (256 kbps)

Conquest of paradise (128 kbps)

Cosy (256 kbps)

Cotton pickin (128 Kbps)

Crazy (128 Kbps)

Crazy little thing called love

(320 kbps)

Cricket bat boogie (256 kbps)

Cry for a shadow (320 kbps)

Crying (320 kbps)

Crying time (320 kbps)