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All Backing Tracks are available in the kbps as mentioned with each title.


Tracks with lead

Demo`s without lead

I am absolutely not Hank Marvin

(320 kbps)

I am Australian (320 kbps)

I can hear music (320 kbps)

I can see clearly now (320 kbps)

I can't stop loving you (320 kbps)

Ich bau dir ein schloss (320 kbps)

I'd love you to want me (320 kbps)

I do I do I do (320 kbps)

I don't wanna talk about it (320 kbps)

If (320 kbps)

I feel love (320 kbps)

I just love it -

Ik hou er zo van (256 kbps)

I love you -

Ik heb je lief (320 kbps)

I miss you everyday

Ik mis je elke dag (320 kbps)

I Only want to be with you (128 Kbps)

I promise myself (256 kbps)

I put a spell on you (128 Kbps)

I wanna hold your hand (256 kbps)

I want to know what love is (128 Kbps)

I was kaiser bill's batman (320 kbps)

I will always love you (256 kbps)

If I could be where you are (192 Kbps)

If i fell (128 Kbps)

If you need me (320 kbps)

Ik verscheurde je foto -

I tore up your picture (256 kbps)

I'll be home for Christmas (192 Kbps)

I'll be there (320 kbps) (320 kbps)

I'm leaving it all up to you (128 Kbps)

I'm sorry (128 Kbps)

I'm the great pretender (256 kbps)

In moment (320 kbps)

In nije dei - A new day

Een nieuwe dag (320 kbps)

In the arms of an angel (320 kbps)

Is dit alles -

Is this all (320 kbps)

It doesnt matter anymore (320 kbps)