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Backing tracks are available. Please send your request through email peekay.music@hotmail.com

Unfortunately we do not have tabs and / or sheet music

All Backing Tracks are available in the kbps as mentioned with each title.


Tracks with lead

Demo`s without lead

La comparsa (320 kbps)

Laat me nu toch niet alleen -

Don`t leave me alone now (256 kbps)

Lady in Red (320 kbps)

Last train to Colorado (320 kbps)

Lately (320 kbps)

Lea (320 kbps)

Life for rent (128 Kbps)

Life in the jungle (320 kbps)

Little boy (128 Kbps)

Little cafe at the harbour -

Het kleine cafe aan de haven

(192 Kbps)

Little Princess (256 kbps)

Little ship keeps sailing (320 kbps)

live and let die (256 kbps)

Lonely guitar (192 Kbps)

Lonesome me (320 kbps)

Lonesome moonride (320 kbps)

Longest day on the river Kwai

(320 kbps)

Long Long ago - Roodborstje tikt

(320 kbps)

Lost (320 kbps)

Love hurts (192 Kbps)

Also available without ebow

Love is in your eyes (320 kbps)

Love letters In the sand (320 kbps)

Love's theme (256 kbps)