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Backing tracks are available. Please send your request through email peekay.music@hotmail.com

Unfortunately we do not have tabs and / or sheet music

All Backing Tracks are available in the kbps as mentioned with each title.


Tracks with lead

Demo`s without lead

Take my breath away (320 kbps)

Teen scene (256 kbps)

Temptation (320 kbps)

Tenessee waltz rock (128 Kbps)

That's what friends are for (320 kbps)

The birdies dance - De vogeltjes dans (320 kbps)

The dark Island (320 kbps)

The deer hunter live version (128 Kbps)

The golden sea (128 Kbps)

The Hiking Club -

De wandelclub (320 kbps)

The kite / De vlieger (128 Kbps)

The last of the Mohicans (320 kbps)

The lonely Shepherd (320 kbps)

The Loner (320 kbps)

The long and winding road (320 kbps)

The magic waltz (320 kbps)

Also available without dub track.

The most beautiful girl (320 kbps)

The next time (128 Kbps)

The old fashioned way

(320 kbps)

The old romantics (320 kbps)

The old rugged cross (320 kbps)

Also available without 2e lead

The old spinning wheel -

Het oude spinnewiel (128 kbps)

The playing garden -

De speeltuin (320 kbps)

The power of love (128 kbps)

The road ahead (256 kbps)

The salty dog (128 Kbps)

The saturday western (320 kbps)

The savage (320 kbps)

The shady lady (320 kbps)

The smile of a child -

De glimlach van een kind (256 kbps)

The way old friends do (320 kbps)

The windjammer (128 Kbps)

The winner takes It all (320 kbps)

Theme for dreamers (256 kbps)

Theme from a summer place

(320 kbps)

Theme from Baantjer (128 Kbps)

Theme from Derrick (256 kbps)

Theme from the boys (320 kbps)

Theme from the endless summer

(320 kbps)

There she goes - Daar gaat ze (320kbps)

They don't play that love song anymore (320kbps)

Things we said today (256 kbps)

This guy is in love with you (320 kbps)

This is my song (256 kbps)

This ole house (320 kbps)

Three times a lady (256 kbps)

Through the light (320 kbps)

Self Penned

Till (256 kbps)

Tomorrow's cancelled (320 kbps)

Trains boats and plains (320 kbps)

Trust (320 kbps)

Self Penned

Tristesse (320 kbps)

Tu m'aimes encore (320 kbps)

Turn around and touch me (256 kbps)

Twilight Zone (320 kbps)