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We like to keep you informed.

We are working on a new mailing list to keep interested people informed about new

Backing tracks


New Cd`s

Band performances

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we gladly receive e-mail.

Please mention in your e mail of which you want to be kept informed. 

Send it to peekay.music@hotmail.com

March 8th 2019,


Dear music friend,


We are taking a new route to be of even better service to you.

In order not to overload you with e-mails about new backing tracks, CDs or other news if you do not want to and the risk that our email ends up in your spam folder,

from now on we will only send you email about new items when you explicitly indicating it.


We would like to receive a message from you stating that you wish to continue receiving emails from us.


We have already received choice from lots of our music friends. (if you did respond you don`t have to confirm again)

We would like to receive your confirmation so we can create a new mailing list.


If you no longer wish to receive an email from us, you do not have to do anything and we will not keep you informed in the future.


For new available backing tracks you are always welcome to visit our website www.guitarbackingtracks.nl





Riny and Pete